Nantucket Beadboard - Beadboard

Nantucket Beadboard - Beadboard

Product Summary

The Nantucket Beadboard Company manufactures Sheet Products and Shiplap Strip Products. Sheet products are 48 inches wide and align side-by-side. The Shiplap strip products vary from 9” to 11” in width, the shiplap strips are overlapping edges. Both sheet and strip products are available with the “Standard Bead”, “V-Bead” and V-Groove profiles. We offer Channel Bead in sheets only.

Nantucket®Beadboard is manufactured from four different materials. MDF is an interior product, MRI is a moisture resistant interior product and MRX is a moisture resistant exterior product. All products are available primed. We also offer PVC for exterior application in ˝” 4x8 sheets.

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