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Credit Application

Credit Application

Thank you for your interest in opening a credit account with Butcher’s Block & Building Materials. We offer monthly billing with emailed or printed statements, super easy payment options and free delivery (anywhere in Big Bear Valley) and don’t forget the best customer service on the mountain!

It is truly the most convenient way to shop year-round for your home or business!

Checking Account?
Construction Fund?
Savings Account?
P.O. Required ?

Business Credit References: (Please give name, address, Phone #, & Acct #)

Under the mechanics lien law (California Code of Civil Procedure, Section 3082 et seq), Any contractor, subcontractor, laborer, supplier, or other person who helps to improve your property but is not paid for his work or supplies, has a right to enforce a claim against your property. This means that, after a court hearing, your property could be sold by a court officer and the proceeds of the sale used to satisfy the indebtedness. In the event suit is instituted by the seller to collect the amount due on the purchase, buyer agrees to pay the seller a reasonable sum for attorney’s fees. This can happen even if you have paid your own contractor in full, if the subcontractor, laborer, or supplier remains unpaid.

Accounts are due and payable on or before the 10th, delinquent the 15th. A 2% service charge (24% annually, minimum $1.00) will be added to any delinquent account.

People authorized to charge on your account:

Please be advised that we do not run any kind of credit reports to establish a credit line in store; we use the average balances/ending balances from the bank statements you provide.

You have two options for how you would like to provide your bank information:

1) Attach your 3 most recent bank statements to this application below


2) If you would like us to request the information from your bank directly, please complete the bottom of this form.  However, this method may lengthen the application process. 

Alternatively, you can drop off your bank statements in-person or email them directly to:

Option 1: Submit 3 Most Recent Bank Statements

Upload Bank Statement 1
Upload Bank Statement 2
Upload Bank Statement 3

Option 2: Bank Information Authorization (If you are not submitting bank statements)



to fully respond to Butcher’s Block & Building Materials request for credit and banking verification for:

The account number(s) is/are:

Once we receive the completed application and supporting bank statements, we can usually get your application reviewed and account open within a few business days.


We thank you for your patronage and look forward to your continued business!!

Thanks for submitting!

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