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Contractor's Corner

Contractor's Corner

East Coast Lumber & Supply contractor's corner

Professional building contractors and sub-contractors, in both the residential and commercial fields, have highly specialized needs and operate in a realm where time is money. Over the years we have formed close bonds with many professional builders in what can really be classified as a type of partnership, where we both are working toward the common goal of successfully completing all construction projects. Whether working on single or multiple jobs, East Coast Lumber & Supply can be an intricate part of your job success. We can be helpful not only by delivering building materials to jobsites, but by working closely with you to schedule the arrival of special orders and deliveries to coincide with the many phases of your projects. 


Blueprint Estimating

One of the more critical points of any building and construction project is estimating the cost of labor and materials to complete the job. At each location we have experienced and knowledgeable personnel that can provide estimates and quotes by doing material take-offs from blueprints. Our staffs have years of experience in building construction and are able to provide quick and accurate material estimates whenever needed.

Contractor Sales

We have always understood the importance of time and scheduling as they apply to building and construction projects. With this in mind we form working relationships with our contractor customers and work closely with them to help reach the goal of a completed job. Each of our locations is staffed with individuals who can help determine the best products for a particular job as well coordinate those products for delivery to job sites.

Outside Sales Reps

One of the services we provide to contractors and owner/builders alike is an outside sales force that can meet with you at your office or jobsite at your convenience to go over blueprints, materials, or delivery schedules. Our outside sales staff works hand in hand with our inside staff to make your building process run as smooth as possible. This service is provided at no extra cost and has proven to be very beneficial toward achieving the goal of a successfully completed project.

“We’re here to Help You Build a Better Way.”

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