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Our History

Who We Are

East Coast Lumber & Supply Company

East Coast Lumber & Supply Company was founded in 1902, and today is one of the oldest independent lumber and building material dealers in Florida. After more than 100 years in business, East Coast Lumber has remained an old line company in the traditional sense. The values that founded the company and have kept it going over the years remain intact today. This is evident in the quality of both service and product delivered. Each location is staffed by a core group of professionals who are knowledgeable in all aspects of the building industry, and who understand the products they sell.


Corporate offices are located in Fort Pierce with store locations spread along the eastern coastline to the north and south. The service area covered by these locations includes the east central portion of the state from Orlando, through Titusville and the Kennedy Space Center, and south into the West Palm Beach area.

East Coast Lumber carries a wide array of lumber, building products, hardware and tools in its five retail facilities. Recently, full line Ace Hardware centers were merged with the lumberyards in the Cocoa and Fort Pierce locations and a Millwork Division, including a door pre-hanging plant, was also set up on the Fort Pierce property. These additions to the company were made after listening to the requests of our professional building customers, who wanted more of a “one-stop shopping” lumber and hardware facility. On the other hand our longtime local customers wanted a full line hardware store without sacrificing the personal touch in service they had come to know over the years in the East Coast lumberyards. The success of this transition spurred upgrades in store layouts and hardware inventories in the other locations of Melbourne, Vero, and Stuart. This continued growth within the company has positioned East Coast Lumber to meet the challenges of the future while honoring the requests of our longtime customers.


Everyone at East Coast Lumber & Supply Company takes great pride in the fact that this company has moved into its second century of service. This is obviously a rare statement in todays fast paced, quick changing business world. Through all the changes that the building industry has seen over the years, East Coast Lumber has maintained its same level of old time business philosophy. We understand that just as each person who walks through our doors is important to our longevity, satisfying their needs is just as important to them. From the homeowner with a small project in mind, to the building professionals involved in multiple jobs, all our customers are important to us and we strive to make them feel that way during each of their visits.


After more than a hundred years, our logo statement still says it all, “We’re here to help you build a better way.”

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